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Mancine Marine pedi system   Mancine Marine pedi system (#MC10043)

Features: 1 x Marine mudd (600 gm)
1 x Marine scrub (600 ml)
1 x Marine salts (600 ml)
1 x Marine soak (500 ml)
1 x Marine Massage lotion (500 ml)
1 x a.h.a. callus remover (250 ml)
1 x a.h.a. white eraser (50 ml)
8 x Plastic scoops
Toe separators, clippers and plastic pedi rasp

Price: $149.95 (incl GST)
OPI introductory pedi kit   Pedicure by OPI introductory kit (#OPIPEDIKIT)

Features: 1 x Purifying tea tree bath (250 ml)
1 x a.h.a. callus softener (250 ml)
1 x a.h.a. sugar scrub (250 ml)
1 x Hydrating clay mask (250 ml)
1 x Massage and moisture lotion (250 ml)
1 x a.h.a skin smoother (250 ml)
1 x Pedicure caddy and waterproof apron
1 x Instruction book and video

Price: $199.95 (incl GST)
Creative pedi kit   Creative Pedicure kits (#SPAPEDI)

Features: 1 x Foaming sea soak (59 ml)
1 x Sea rock soak (141 gm)
1 x Sea salt glow (141 gm)
1 x a.h.a. sea scrub
1 x Sea serum (118 ml)
1 x Marine masque (141 gm)
1 x Cucumber heal therapy (113 gm)
1 x Massage oil (59 ml) and Massage silk (59 ml)
1 x Massage gel (59 ml)
1 x Foot clean (184 gm) and Foot buff (141 ml)
1 x Foot mask (127 gm) and Foot rub (118 ml)
Callus smoother, toe separators, applicator Brush and spatula and scoop set

Price: $274.50 (incl GST)

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