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Professional Salon Facial Steamer with ozone.

Beauty Salon Facial Steamer with ozone with timer and no bell - caph060
Product code: caph060

Stock availability: In stock.

Price: $395 (incl GST).
Price does not include delivery.

Includes separate power and ozone switches.
Uses distilled water.
Adjustable rotating 120 degree steam head.
60 minute timer.
Automatic shut off if water levels falls below minimum level.
Sits on base with 4 wheels.
Electrical details: 50 Hz, 797 watt, 240 volts.
Height range: 80 - 116 cm.
Arm length: 57 cm.
Base dimensions: 68 cm.
12 months warranty.

• Used in Face or Body Treatments to warm the tissues, soften dead skin cells and assists in their removal while relaxing the client.
• The steam is applied to the Treatment area by adjusting the direction of the nozzle on the end of the arm. This unit also contains an Ozone Lamp which has an antiseptic affect that can kill bacilli bacteria.

Operating instructions:
• Slowly add distilled water via the reservoir opening at the top of the unit.
• Ensure that the water is above the minimum water level in the Glass jar but not above the maximum level.
• Turn the unit on by pressing the VAPOR button.
• Pre-heat the water, and get the flow of steam started BEFORE moving it over the Treatment area.
• Ensure that the steam head is no closer than 40 cm to the client.
• Turn on the Ozone only once steam is visible.
• When finished, first switch the Ozone off before switching off the Machine.

• Promotes blood circulation.
• Activates pores in the Skin.
• Increases perspiration thus flushing the pours.
• Diminishes inflammation and sterilises wounds.
• Improves Skin metabolism.
• Relaxes the client.
• We can arrange for any Professional Facial Steamer to be delivered Australia wide.

• Never put essential oils or herbs directly into the water. If required, this should be placed in the nozzle at the end of the arm.
• Ensure that the water level is always above the minimum and below the maximum - see line markers.
• Do not Steam the same area of the body for longer than 15 minutes.
• Ensure that there is no possibility that steam is going up the client’s nose.
• Do not fill the water whilst the unit is in operation or when the power is on.

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