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Facial Brush machine for Beauty Salons

Facial Brush Beauty machine for Salons - #caph024. Delivered Australia wide.
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The rotary Brush provides deep cleanse and gentle exfoliation, with delicate stimulation which assists in providing a radiant complexion without harming the skin.
Various speeds and Brushes can be selected to cleanse or exfoliate either the Face or body. Improving the skin by removing excess oils and impurities.
Assess the client’s skin concerns and conditions before commencing treatment.
• Cleanse the skin to remove all make up and surface oil’s.
• Select the Brush size and immerse the Brush head into clean warm water.
• Connect the selected Brush to the trigger hand piece.
• Apply the desired 2nd cleansing product to the treatment area.
• Press Start on the Brush console, ensure that the speed is set to low (1-2).
• Adjust the speed to the desired level and gently make contact with the client’s skin.
• Start from the forehead and work down the Face. Apply more cleanser or clean warm water as required.
• Do not apply pressure to the Brush against the Face.
• The trigger on the handle has 3 settings – top (anticlockwise rotation), middle (stop) and bottom (clockwise rotation).
• Press Pause on the Brush console when finished.
• Deep cleansing.
• Gentle exfoliation.
• Gentle Facial Massage that helps relax the client.
Brush type attachments include:
• 1 large wool Brush.
• 1 large felt sponge.
• 1 large smooth sponge.
• 1 small wool Brush.
• 1 small Stone (body use only).
• Do not treat on or around open lesions or wounds.
• Recent surgery in the area.
• Herpes simplex virus.
• After each use the Brushes must be rinsed under Hot running water then immersed in Hot water and antibacterial soap. They need to have a good rub around in this solution to break down oils and proteins that may be stuck in the inner areas of the Brush.
• Rinse again under Hot running water.
• Squeeze as much liquid as possible from the Brushes and immerse into hospital grade disinfectant for the recommended solution time.
• Remove but do not rinse. Shake out excess solution from the Brushes and sit upright to dry this assists in maintaining their shape. Avoid a pool of water collecting around the metal ends if Brushes or soaking for prolonged periods of times as this will cause rust.
• Once completely dry either by using UV sterilisation or autoclave.
• A Medi Enzyme solution to break down excess proteins is recommended; as well as a light conditioning treatment to the woollen Brushes and a bleach solution to the sponge and pumice to keep in pristine condition. It will depend upon their level of use as to how often you will need to do this.

Spare Parts for this Equipment.

Replacement 5 piece Brush set for Beauty Salon Facial machine - #caph024C Replacement Brush set.
Replacement hand piece for Facial Brush Beauty machine for Salons | Delivered Australia wide Replacement hand piece.

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