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Replacement set of 4 bulbs.
for Woods Lamp.

Set of 4 bulbs for any hand held black light Lamp - #CAPC030B. Delivery available Australia wide.
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Stock availability: In stock.

Price: $30 (incl GST).
Price does not include delivery.

Product specifications:
Four x 4 watt UV Bulbs (F4T5 BLB).
Black Bulbs that suit standard hand held Salon Woods Blacklight Lamps.
Dimensions - 13.5 cm in length.

When to change the globe:
Eventually the Globes will need to be replaced. The gas which produces the UV Light will dissipate over time.
Even though the Bulbs still emits Light you will not be able to detect/analyse any of the problems being investigated.
When this occurs it is recommended that you change all 4 Globes and recycle the old Globes.

Never replace a Globe while the Woodslamp is on. Switch it off and disconnect it from the power source.

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