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Range of Baths for use with Paraffin Wax
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The benefit in doing a Warm Paraffin Wax Treatment.
Blood flow and circulation can be enhanced by using this heat Paraffin Treatment over the joints in your Hands and Feet. This will reduce stiffness and increase your flexibility in those areas. This is especially helpful for pain relief for those suffering with Arthritis.
It can also help with muscle sprains and inflammation.
Therapeutic Paraffin Wax also softens calluses on your Hands and Feet.

What is the recommended operating Temperature range when melting Wax?
Range is between 46°C to 68°C but should be set to suit your skin sensitivity. You should always test heated Wax on the skin to ensure that you don't burn your client.

How to provide a Paraffin treatment on your Hand?
Ensure your Hands are clean and dry.
Place your Hand into the Paraffin Bath until it is completely covered by the Wax.
Remove your Hand, wait a few seconds and re dip it into the Paraffin.
Repeat the re dipping process half a dozen times.
On completion, place your hand in a plastic Bag and cover the Bag with a Towel.
Wait about 15 minutes, then remove the Towel, Bag and Wax.

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caph018 | Australia
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Digital Paraffin Wax Bath

- Warmer for Arthritis Treatment (includes Digital Temperature control) (#caph018).

Features: Temperature of melting Wax displayed on control.
Comes with a standard electric connection for Australia.
Has a 4 litre Wax capacity.
Bath Size: 37 x 22.5 x 20 cm (L*W*H).

Price: $170 (incl GST).

caph017 Paraffin Wax Bath - Australia
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Paraffin Bath for heating wax (#caph017) - Our best selling

NON Digital Salon model.
Features: Manual control and 4 litre Wax capacity.
Size: 39 x 25 x 17.5 cm (L*W*H). Comes with a standard electric connection for Australia.

(Salon preferred model).

Price: $156 (incl GST).

Caronlab Digital Paraffin Wax Bath   Professional Paraffin Wax Bath. Heater for Hands and Feet (#PAR030).

Features: Caronlab Wax Warmer with Digital temperature control. 4 litre Wax capacity.
Size: 31 x 41 x 18 cm (L*W*H).
Comes with a standard electric connection for Australia.
Suited for Salon use.
Price: $195 (incl GST).

CAPK023   Paraffin Wax Heater for the Home (#CAPK023).

Features: Budget Paraffin Wax Heater for Home use. Has a 3 litre Wax capacity. No ability to change Wax heating temperature on this model as its set to a standard temperature.
Size: 37 x 24 x 18 cm (L*W*H).

Sorry - Sold Out.

DEPKIT1   Starter Kit. (#DEPKIT1 - Peach)
(#DEPKIT2 - Lavender)

Features: Includes Depileve Paraffin Bath for Hands and Feet, one pair of Mittens and 2.7 kg of Wax.
Size: 39 x 24 x 20 cm (L*W*H).

Price: $349 (incl GST).

Australia Wax Manufacturer
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  Here's where to buy Paraffin Wax.

Features: Large range with assorted fragrances from a variety of brands.

Brands include Adina, Arbre, Caronlab, Depileve plus Fluid. Variety of scents available in the following range.

Adina Citrus Wax - 1 kg.
Adina Lavender Wax - 1 kg.


Natural Wax - 1 kg.
Adina Peach Wax - 1 kg.
Adina Wild Rose Wax - 1 kg.

Arbre Apricot Wax - 800 gm.

Caronlab Lavender Wax - 800 gm.
Caronlab Natural Wax - 800 gm.
Caronlab Peach Wax - 800 gm.
Caronlab Wild Rose Wax - 800 gm.
Depileve Peach Wax - 2.7 kg.

Fluid Peach and Mango Wax - 800 gm.
Fluid Plain Wax with Vitamin E - 800 gm.
Fluid Strawberry Wax - 800 gm.

Wax Remover
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  Wax Cleaner - MC106.

Features: Wax Remover to clean the Bath - 1 litre bottle.
Price: $19.95 (incl GST).

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  Disposable Gloves.

Features: Salon Disposable Extra Large Clear Gloves - 500 pk.

Disposable protector bags
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  Disposable Hand Bags

Features: Wax covered Hand or Foot is placed in Bag. 100pk.

Mittens - PBMITT
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  Terry Cloth Mittens (#PBMITT)

Features: White Mittens.

Price: From $15.50 (incl GST).

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  Terry Towelling Booties (#PBBOOT)

Features: Pair of White Booties for each foot.

Price: From $15.50 (incl GST).

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Features: Anti-Bacterial Spray. Cleans Hands before Treatment. Size: 125 ml.

Price: From $8.90 (incl GST).

Hot Wax Treatment

- Ideal for the Treatment for pain allied with Arthritis, strains, sprains and joint stiffness.
Call (02) 6162 1950 or email for details.
Deliveries can be organised.

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