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Heating element for Facial Steamer

Heating element (caph060A) for Facial Steamer
Product code: caph060A

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Price: $25 (incl GST).
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How to replace the heating element for the caph060 Facial Steamer::
Ensure that the Facial Steamer has been turned off and the Electrical plug has been removed from the wall socket.
Then remove the glass jar from below the unit and dispose of the water.
Lift the Steamer off the stand to enable you to work on it more easily.

Remove the 3 nuts that secure the sides of the unit and slide the metal casing off. This will expose the inside of the unit. Find the top of the element and note the position of the wires that are screwed into the top - then undo the two screws that connect these cables to the top of the heating element. Now locate and remove the three nuts that hold the heating element in place and once done start to pull out the element. You will notice that some wiring is still engaged with the element. This consists of 2 wires, the thermostat and an electronic fuse that are pushed to the inside bottom of the element . Do not attempt to pull these wires out separately. They should, instead. be pulled out together at the same time.
Once they are removed the element will no longer be connected and can then be replaced.
To do so just follow this guide in reverse order.
This overall process is the same if you need to replace the thermostat (when the Steamer cuts out even though the water level is correct but the water has not reached the proper temperature) or to replace the electronic fuse (when the Steamer does not start at all).
Never perform any maintenance on the Steamer when it is on or if it is still connected to the Electrical source or wall socket.

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