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Useful guide to cleaning your Salon Face Steamer.
Mineral deposits can build up causing spitting (or dripping) and this will corrode the element.
Follow the procedure below to correct this situation.
1. Add two Tablespoons of white vinegar into the empty glass jar. Then fill with water.
2. Turn on the unit and let it heat to steaming. Do not turn on the ozone.
3. Let the machine steam for 30 seconds.
4. Turn off the unit and let the vinegar solution rest in the jar for 15 minutes. Because vinegar has a pungent smell, perform this cleaning process when no clients are present.
5. Drain the unit completely and then refill with water. Again let the unit heat to steaming and operate for approximately 10 minutes. If there is still an odour, drain the unit and repeat the process.
6. Do not allow the caustic vinegar and water solution to sit on the heating element without steaming immediately. If left overnight, it will totally corrode the copper coils.
7. Your Facial steam machine should be trouble free if you follow this cleaning procedure once a week.

Professional Facial Salon Steamer range

Mini Facial Steamer - BMINI   Mini Facial Steamer (#BMINI).
Features: Small table top portable Facial Steamer with ozone. Height including multi directional arm is 38 cm. Has separate steam and ozone controls.

Price: (incl GST).
Sorry this item is currently out of stock.
#caph050 Budget model   Budget model (#caph050).
Features: Separate steam and ozone controls. Plastic body to reduce rust. Metal base and feet. Height can be adjusted.

Price: $225 (incl GST).
#caph041 Home budget unit  

Vapozone (#caph041).

Features: Separate steam and ozone controls. Plastic body to reduce rust. Height can be varied plus multi directional arm and variable steam flow.
Price: (incl GST).
Sorry this unit is out of stock.

#caph060 steamer
  Our best selling Facial Steamer (#caph060).
Features: Split steam and ozone controls. This model possesses a timer (with no bell) and multi directional arm. Great for Salon Face treatments and our best selling Beauty Steamer for Facials.
Price: $395 (incl GST).
Manual heavy duty Facial Steamer with ozone - caph020  

Vapozone unit with manual controls (#caph020).

Features: Heavy duty model with manual control panel. Separate steam and ozone controls. Adjustable arm height and unit height. Multi directional arm. Timer (up to 60 mins). Large 1200 ml glass water jar. Foot base is 68 cm wide for more stability. For the busy Salon.
Price: $495 (incl GST).
Digital heavy duty Facial Steamer with ozone - caph021   Digital Vapozone (#caph021).
Features: Digital control panel. Heavy duty model has separate steam and ozone controls. Adjustable arm height and unit height. Multi directional arm and adjustable steam flow.

Price: Out of stock
Salon standard Facial Steamer with Magnifying Lamp - caph019  
2 in 1 Facial Steamer and Magnifying Lamp
Features: This professional Facial Steamer is height adjustable with separate steam and ozone switches plus timer (up to 60 mins). A larger foot base is provided to support both the Face Steamer and Magnifying Lamp as one unit throughout the Facial. Suits where space is at a premium. Price: $495 (incl GST).
Note: All our Salon Equipment above uses standard Australian Electric plugs. All have a 12 months return to base warranty.

Plastic replacement jar - CAPZ010

 CAPZ010 Plastic jar - diam-100, height-170 (mm). $15.00
Glass replacement jar - CAPB010G

 CAPB010G Glass jar - diam-100, height-170 (mm). $30.00
Glass jar for Facial Steamer - CAPB001G

 CAPB001G Glass jar - diam-110, height-180 (mm). $30.00
Glass replacement jar - CAPM003G

 CAPM003G Glass jar - diam-115, height-135 (mm). $36.00
Glass jar - caph099

 caph099 Glass jar - diam-125, height-130 (mm). $36.00
CAPB100A Vapozone heating element

 CAPB100A Heating element - approx length 27 cm $25.00
caph060A heating element

 caph060A Heating element for Face steam machine - approximate internal length is 6 inches or 15 cm. $25.00
Heating element - CAPB100B

 CAPB100B Heating element - approx length 20 cm $25.00
Heating element - CAPB100C

 CAPB100C Heating element - approx length 15 cm $25.00
5 legged base for steam Face machine - CAPM003S

 CAPM003S 5 legged Floor Stand. $50.00
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