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Magnifying Lamp (Black)

Black Magnifier Light

Black Magnifying Lamp - CAPG008B. Delivered Australia wide.
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Price: $129 (incl GST).
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Product features:
Free standing model with Clamp.
Black in colour.
5 dioptre Magnifier Lens.
Round Lens made of Glass - 12.5 cm width.
ON / OFF switch.
Detachable Lens cover.
Length of Electric cable is approximately 145 cm.
Maximum horizontal arm reach is approx 122 cm.
Hands free viewing enables the operator to use both Hands when working with the subject being Magnified.
Arm and head are adjustable to suit.
12 months return to base warranty.

Technical specifications:
Power:- 240 Volt, 22 watt and 50 Hz.
Bulb:- T9, 22 watt, 6500K circular fluorescent bulb.
Electronic ballast.
Approx weight is 3kg.

Instructions for use.
Secure the Clamp to a Table or Bench.
Insert and secure the Lamp into the Clamp.
Adjust the arm and Lamp head to the desired position.
If the arm is tight or loose you can loosen or tighten the .
When viewing through the Lamp use both eyes rather than one for best results.
Your eyes should be about x cm away from the lens to minimise distortion.
When replacing the globe ensure that the Lamp is disconnected from the power source.
For safety never allow any part of the Lamp to be immersed in water.

Cleaning instructions
You can clean the Glass Lens with a Lens cleaner and a non-abrasive cloth.
Take steps to prevent the Lens from being scratched.
When cleaning the Lamp casing use a soft cloth, warm water plus soap and apply a gentle scrubbing action.

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