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Budget Facial Steamer

2 in 1 Facial Steamer and Magnifying Lamp combo - #caph019. Delivered Australia wide.
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Price: $225 (incl GST).
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The vapozone includes:
• Ozone Lamp.
• Plastic screw in type jar (top diameter is 11 cm, height is 15.25 cm).
• Heating element.

• A great aid for increasing circulation and improving the quality of one's Facial Skin.
• Height can be adjusted in the range from approximately 80 to 110 cm (from panel Face to Floor).
• This model requires Tap water only.
• Marked safety line on the water jar indicates the maximum water limit.
• Built in auto shut off function for safety when the water level reaches the minimum level.
• Separate button to turn ozone on or off - Ozone acts as a Sanitiser which kills bacteria.
• An alarm sounds when Steamer is switched on but is has not been set up correctly.
• The Steam outlet in the head of the arm can be rotated through a range of 150 degrees.
• Length of each of the 2 metal bars that form the feet on the base is 53 cm.
• Feet have 4 wheels for easy relocation.
• 12 months warranty period.

Used in Facial or Body Treatments to warm the tissues, soften dead Skin cells allowing for their easy removal while soothing and relaxing the client.

The steam is applied to the area by adjusting the location of the Facial Steamer and direction of the nozzle at the top of the arm. This unit also contains an ozone Lamp which has an antiseptic affect that can kill bacilli bacteria.

Benefits gained:
• Promotes blood circulation.
• Activates pores in the Skin.
• Increases perspiration thus flushing the pours.
• Diminishes inflammation and Sterilises wounds.
• Improves Skin metabolism.
• Relaxes the client.

• USE ONLY Tap WATER in this Steamer.
• Never put Essential Oils or herbs directly into the water - You can apply the Oil to a tissue and carefully wrap it around the inside of the Steam nozzle.
• Ensure that the water level is always such that a minimum of a quarter of the element is submerged.
• Do not steam an area for longer than 15 minutes.
• Ensure that the steam is not going up the client’s nose.
• Do not fill the water whilst the Machine is in operation or when the power is on.

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